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Because of you and your support, Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital is able to provide a space for our patients that allows them to just be a kid!

Being in the hospital can be a difficult time, especially as a kid.

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Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital features several playrooms in their expanded tower. These playrooms cater to all ages through structured play and creative learning as the Children’s Hospital’s Child Life team helps patients though the healing process.

We are excited to announce that the Walter’s Children’s Charity Classic playroom is now open and operating on a daily basis to serves the needs of children within the hospital. This beautiful space is outfitted with crafts, video games, toys for all ages, movies, creative play and much more.

“I love seeing the big smile on their face when a child comes into our playroom. When they recognize their favorite superhero or their favorite video game, it gets them super exited and helps them feel more comfortable and at home. It can be therapeutic, it can also relieve stress for our kids. They are playing with Play-Doh or painting. It allows their creative side to come out. They get to have fun and play and not have to worry about anything else” – Esperanza Pauli, child life specialist

Join us as we continue our mission to bring hope and healing to our community’s children.

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